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Who Discovered North Carolina?

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History have shown that various Native American groups were the first people to inhibit North Carolina. Evidence of earthwork mounds from before 200 AD have been discovered, which were made by these people. The mounds were believed to be used for religious or ceremonial purposes. Archeological evidences have shown that the Mississippian culture began to take roots in North Carolina starting from 1000 AD.

The Mississippian culture

These were the Native American people and they mostly lived in the Eastern, Midwestern and Southeastern regions of America. They were commonly known for their mound-building culture. These people basically lived in the areas close to the Mississippi river and are known to practice the Mississippian culture. The people living in these areas can be chronologically divided into three groups, the Early Mississippians, the Middle Mississippians and the Late Mississippians. It was the Early Mississippians who inhibited North Carolina.

Various Native American tribes

Other Native American tribes also came across different parts of North Carolina and began to live there. They belong to tribes such as the Roanoke, the Chowanoke, the Pamlico, the Machapunga, the Cape Fear Indians and the Coree. These tribes built various large complex and buildings in those areas. Most cities in North Carolina was founded and built this way. The Native Americans also developed regional networks for trade and commerce.

First European contact

European explorers encountered the Native Americans when they first came to North Carolina. During the 16th century, Spanish explorers discovered North Carolina and came in contact with the Native Americans in some of these areas. The city of Burke County, located in North Carolina, originally called Morganton, was the first place the Spanish explorers visited. It was later named Joara. This was how North Carolina was discovered by the Europeans.

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