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Who Discovered Hawaii?

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Hawaii is a group of islands that is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it was first discovered by groups of people who were the first to migrate there. According to historians, the Polynesian settlers were the first people to discover and inhibit Hawaii. They were from the Marquesas Islands who migrated to Hawaii around 300 BCE.

Captain James CookCaptain James Cook was born in the village of Marton in Yorkshire on November 7th, 1728 and died on February 14th, 1779.

Captain James Cook

There were also been evidences of settlers from other regions, for example, Tahiti, who migrated and inhibit Hawaii. Most historians, however, credited Captain James Cook to the discovery of Hawaii as he was the first European to discover the islands in 1778. James Cook was a British explorer and a Captain of the Royal Navy. He was born on November 7th, 1728 in England.

About Captain James Cook

He worked at a British merchant navy and later at the Royal Navy. He was actively involved in the Seven Years’ War. He was an expert on surveying and cartography, which led the Royal Society of London to appoint him in the survey of the Pacific Ocean. He participated in three pacific voyages. The first voyage took place from 1768 to 1769 where he reached the Australian continent and was the first ever European explorer to do so.

He died in Hawaii

His second voyage took place from 1772 to 1775 where he went far south, as far as Antarctica. His third voyage took place from 1776 to 1779 and that was when he discovered Hawaii. He named the island as “Sandwich Islands”. He visited Hawaii twice and was killed in a fight with the natives on his second visit to Hawaii on February 14th, 1779.

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2 Comments on Who Discovered Hawaii?
  1. Dan:

    I find it interesting that the passage opens up with: “there have been no evidence of natives in the history of Hawaii,” but ends with: “He visited Hawaii twice and was killed in a fight with the natives”

  2. admin:

    Hi Dan,

    I guess the way i say it was wrong.

    What I meant was that there were no original natives in Hawaii itself, unlike in North America, in which Paleo-Indians crossover from eastern Russia to the west of Alaska during the last Ice Age. That happened about 40,000 to 25,000 years ago, during the last ice age, and the sea level dropped significantly that humans could crossover from Russian to North America.

    Now, for Hawaii, since it is formed in the Pacific Ocean itself, there was no way humans could “walk” to the land and therefore it was discovered by the people who made boats and sail to it. Historians believe they were the Polynesian settlers and probably came from the Marquesas Islands around 300 BCE. In 1779, about 2079 years after the first Polynesian people discovered Hawaii, Captain James Cook was killed by the natives living in Hawaii.

    I hope that clear things up.

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