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Who Discovered Gold?

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The element known as gold, symbolized by Au on the periodic table, is the most malleable of all metals known to man. Gold usually has a bright, yellow color, but the hue can vary depending on where the gold was mined, as well as its purity. Modern ages have done little to staunch the fascination and desire man has with this unique metal. Gold is still used in gauging the wealth of a society, since it is used as a standard with which to measure a civilization’s monetary stores.

Gold elementGold’s atomic mass is 196.96657 and has an atomic number of 79.
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Gold has immense value

Despite not knowing when gold was first discovered or even used by people, it was recognized by those who found it as a thing of immense value and desirability. It is safe to assume that because gold can be found in its pure, bright yellow form, without needing a scientific background, it was likely the first metal discovered and used by man for anything from weaponry to jewelry and so on.

The history of gold goes back thousands of years

Because gold can be found in every corner of the globe, its discovery can’t be attributed to one individual, or even one civilization. As early as 2600 BC, ancient writings make reference to gold, and its plentiful deposits in Egypt and Syria. The metal began being used as a type of money for international trade as early as 1500 BC, and by 1200 BC, Egyptians figured out how to mix gold with other metals to make alloys. The Romans and Greeks sought gold for its monetary value, using it to fund their war efforts.

Discovered long before proper records existed

Despite not knowing where gold was first discovered, or by whom, its value was realized early in history. This is shown in ancient hieroglyphics with the symbol for gold being the same as the symbol for the sun. In early civilizations, the sun was considered the most powerful heavenly being, thus hinting that gold was the most powerful earth-bound element. Because it is one of the “metals of antiquity” it is, as previously mentioned, impossible to say who or where it was first discovered, as it was being used by early civilizations even before proper records were kept.

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