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Who Discovered Glaucoma?

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The word glaucoma has a Greek origin. Records showing the use of the term can be found in the ancient Greek civilizations and mostly from the Hippocratic times. Later, it was used to describe the condition of green cataract as early as in the 16th century, which is not the same as the condition of the modern, chronic glaucoma. During the 16th and 17th centuries, physicians and medical researchers developed various theories on different eye disorders.

Richard Banister

They recorded pathological description of glaucoma as well. For example, in 1622, Richard Banister provided the first, clear description and cause of glaucoma. He discussed different diagnosis of the disease as well. Several other records of glaucoma from that timeline have also been discovered, although none of them really provided accurate facts on the disease.

Dr. Albrecht von GraefeDr. Albrecht von Graefe did the first operation on glaucoma.

Dr. Albrecht von Graefe

Then in 1840, one of the most significant discoveries on glaucoma was made. Medical researchers from that time discovered the relationship between hypertension and glaucoma and they also successfully identified the correct cause of the disease. In 1857, Dr. Albrecht von Graefe operated successfully on an acute glaucoma. He was the first person ever to achieve so. This famous German surgeon and ophthalmologist was born on May 22th, 1828. He was widely known for his pioneer work in this field.

His background

He studied at different parts of Europe and was specializing in ophthalmology. He later served in various teaching positions at the University of Berlin. He conducted various research and experiments in the field of ophthalmology. The discovery for the treatment of glaucoma is one of his most notable discoveries. He also discovered a new operation procedure for cataract complications. He died on July 20th, 1870 in Berlin.