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Who Discovered Georgia?

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Georgia was discovered in the pre-Columbian era by the native Indians. That pre-Columbian timeline can be divided into four parts, the Paleo period, the Archaic period, the Woodland period and the Mississippian period. According to many historians, Georgia was discovered in the Mississippian period. The Mississippian period lasted between 700/800 and 1500/1600 AD.

The Native Americans in Georgia

They are primarily known as the mound building culture. During the age of European colonization, two different Native American nations used to live in some part of Georgia. These two tribes were called the Creek and the Yamasee. They shared the same language called Muskogean. Another Native American tribe called the Cherokee was also living in Georgia at about the same time. They had different language, called Iroquoian. Another tribe, which was based on the Mississippian culture, also lived in Georgia.

Juan Ponce de León

The tribe was called the Reek or Muscogee. According to many historians, the discovery of many regions of Georgia were accredited to these tribes. The first European explorer to discover Georgia was probably Juan Ponce de León. He was famous for his exploration of Florida. However, because of the geographical location, historians believed he might have sailed along the coast of Georgia during that time.

Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón

Juan Ponce de León, a Spanish explorer, was born in 1474. He was appointed as the first Governor of Puerto Rico by the Spanish government. He was also widely known for his association with the legendary, Fountain of Youth, which was thought to be in Florida. Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón, a Spanish explorer, was the first European who attempted to establish a colony in Georgia. After that, the French too established colonies in Georgia.

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