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Who Discovered Asthma?

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Asthma was discovered by Hippocrates of Cos, the famous ancient Greek physician. He is also generally known as Hippocrates. In the history of medicine, he is considered as one of the most significant contributors to the field of medicine. He is also widely known as the “Father of Medicine”. He is credited to be the first person who believed diseases are not caused by Gods or any other superpower but are a result of natural causes.

HippocratesHippocrates of Cos mentioned about asthma in his works.

Studied medicine

Hippocrates was born in 460 BC in Cos, Greece. At that time, the intellectual practice of Greece was limited to theology and philosophy. He was the pioneer to study and practice a completely different discipline of study, which was medicine. Many biographers have mentioned various facts about the life of Hippocrates, although the authenticity of these facts have never been proved.

Learned from his father and grandfather

According to Soranus of Ephesus, his father was a physician named Heraclides. Hippocrates had two sons Draco and Thessalus, and a son-in-law Polybus, who were his students. According to Soranus, Hippocrates learned medicine from his father as well as his grandfather. He faced strong opposing from Greece due to his work in the field of medicine, which later led him to serve twenty years in prison.

While in prison, he wrote his masterpiece

It was in prison where he wrote his famous medical work “The Complicated Body”. Hippocrates has been mentioned in the works of Aristotle, Plato, Suda, Pythagoras and John Tzetzes. The information on his death also lack authenticity, according to some historians he might have lived for 70-90 years while others believe he lived over 100 years. However, most historians accept that Hippocrates probably died in 370 BC in Larissa, Greece.

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